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Alabang, Muntinlupa — From May 21-23, 2024, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines participated in the First World Health Organization (WHO) Global Benchmarking Tool (GBT) Virtual Follow-up. This follow-up was conducted by WHO assessors Dr. Razieh Ostad Ali and Dr. Alireza Khadem both from WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and Dr. Jinho Shin from the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO), Philippines. The event saw the active participation and commitment of over 50 attendees from the FDA’s Technical Working Group (TWG) for the WHO GBT.

This follow-up session is a crucial part of FDA Philippines’ roadmap, following the agency’s official assessment conducted on October 19-27, 2024. This international initiative’s main objective is to evaluate the status and effectiveness of the FDA’s strategies in addressing existing gaps and priorities. The goal is not only to report the status but also to highlight the progress of all action plans. This effort underscores the FDA’s ongoing commitment to advancing and strengthening its regulatory systems at par with international standards.

The activity aims to enhance the FDA’s processes, particularly in licensing, registration, and post-marketing surveillance of pharmaceutical products, thereby better serving the public. The WHO team commended the FDA for its significant progress, noting the effective collaborations and communications undertaken. They also provided valuable input and comments to further improve the FDA’s responses and strategies moving forward.

The next follow-up visit is scheduled in November 2024. This follow-up session will continue until the agency is fully prepared for the next official assessment. The FDA Philippines remains dedicated to working collaboratively and harmoniously maximizing its resources to achieve this international undertaking.

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