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In a collaborative effort to safeguard public health and safety, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) North Luzon Cluster, under the leadership of Director Gomel C. Gabuna, teamed up with the Philippine National Police – Criminal Investigation Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) in a series of successful operations against the proliferation of violative cosmetics, food, and household urban pesticide products.

On various dates in March 2024, joint operations were conducted across Regions 2 and 3 of the country, resulting in the seizure of unlawfully distributed products in violation of the FDA laws, rules, and regulations. These operations targeted establishments in Santiago City, Isabela; Ilagan City, Isabela; Centro East, Santiago City, Isabela; Enrile, Cagayan; Solano, Nueva Vizcaya; San Fernando City, Pampanga; Bacolor, Pampanga; Subic, Zambales; and Tarlac City.

During these operations, unregistered food items (e.g. unlabeled cooking oil, luncheon meat in foreign language), cosmetics products, and mosquito coils were confiscated. Notably, the PNP-CIDG’s swift actions led to the arrest of individuals involved in the illegal sale of these items.

North Luzon Cluster Director Gomel Gabuna emphasized the importance of vigilance against the proliferation of violative health products in the market that pose danger to the life, health, and safety of the public. He urged establishments to fully comply with FDA rules and regulations and ensure that violative products are not sold or available to the consuming public, otherwise, they will be facing charges in accordance with the law.

The FDA and PNP-CIDG reaffirmed their commitment to collaborate further in enforcing regulatory measures and upholding public health standards.


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